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Doraemon Characters

The Doraemon Characters Name and Chinese Names


Doraemon characters name, The Doraemon story is one of the most favorite cartoon drama of child’s world and it is so popular all over the world. Doraemon,s contains 45 episodes and its every capitalizing is full of interest .since 47 years until today no any cartoon movie drama took its place. Mormon series is child’s favorite for forever. The story of Doraemon was written by Fujiko f.fajio and was later published by Shogakukan.

Doraemon characters name

Doraemon Cartoon Theme:

Doraemon characters name, Doraemon story moves around a robotic kind of cat which came from 22nd century and completely changes the life of habitats. Nobita’s comfortless life before the arrival of Doraemon. Nobita was beneath normal idle kid.when Doraemon came suddenly everything changed his life and started to enjoy every single moment with Doraemon. Doremon enriched his declining life by multiple of multiple of Doraemon,s appliances which came from Doraemon,s pocket. Nobita Nobi couldn’t expect that his future life will be full of joys. Nobita and his company doremon,takeshi goda suneo Himekawa, dorami, jaiko goda, hidetoshi dikisugi were part of this gorgeous story.
Doraemon characters name


Doraemon is a robotic cat in this story which came from 22nd century .doremon changes Nobita’s chill life fully and makes his life so pleasant Nobita is so happy with Doraemon, because he helped him in each difficulty.

Doraemon characters name


In spite of Nobita’s crab celebrity he is a fine individual that is first skinnable represent with a matter of admiring tracts.he is well kindliness and charitable with others.

Doraemon characters name


Shizuka character was so interesting in them shizuku loves with pet animals.he has got two pet animals at his home. A dog delivers from capitalizing to sickness by Doraemon and Nobita in the whole story.

Doraemon characters name

Gōda Takeshi:

Gōda Takeshi stout and alacrifious affiliate who can combat at each time with any child. He slatches specifically Nobita and he irritates continually other kids frolics books specifically suneo.

Doraemon characters name


Doremi is Doraemon’s younger sister before he enriched worry of mice when Doraemon was not present at a time. she comes occasionally with a time machine.

Doraemon characters name

Suneo hune kawa:

Suneo hune kawa is the addle countenance kid .who wants to expose his sustenance assets before everybody particularly Nobita.

Doraemon characters name

Jaiko goda:

Jaiko goda is the younger sister of Gian’s, Gain feasts fine in the all capitalizing,s story and affection with her big brother.

Doraemon characters name

Hidetoshi dikisugi:

Hidetoshi dikisugi is Nobita’s class fellow and collegial conquer with Shizuka. He is so wise and has a photographic memory and he is a complete all-around polymath.

Doraemon characters name


The teacher is authentic in Nobita’s school. He always bastes Nobita awfully for not accomplishing his homework at a time and Nobita was behind to the school.and he was now providing the better result in tests and still mastering low numbers on his tests many times.

Doraemon characters name

Mini doras

Doraemon characters name , Mini doras are one of those appliances of Doraemon’s they are in various colors interpretation.they can easily think and feel by themselves and convey to Doraemon.

Doraemon characters name


Doraemon characters name, Doraemon’s story has got many awards. It has got first Shogakukan manga award for children manga in1982. Japan cartoonist association award in 1973.it has got the first Osamu Tezuka award in 1997. It has alsowon the best kids show award in India 2008.


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