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Doraemon Comic Books in English Pdf Download-Dorabian Nights

Doraemon Comic Books in English Pdf Download-Dorabian Nights

Doraemon Comic Books in English Pdf Download:

Doraemon Comic Books in English Pdf, Doraemon’s story is one of the best stories of child’s world. It is full of entertainment and every child can’t help to see its different series.its all story moves around the robotic kind cat which named by Doraemon. He has got a gadget he can do anything by it.

Doraemon Comic Books in English Pdf

Doraemon nobita’s Dorabian Nights:

Doraemon Comic Books in English Pdf, This story is so interesting . Tt starts nobita and Doraemon wears the special kind of shoes which brought Doraemon from its gadget. When they wear shoes and enter in any story book, they can see the views by own sight. Nobita thinks that why not I tell Shizuku about it. He goes towards Shizuku’s home but he finds it on the way. Nobita tells her about those amazing shoes, But Shizuku tells him she is  in a hurry that she doesn’t come with him suddenly Jian and suneo listen it and they say that we would like to wear these shoes and select one of the story books and enter into it, after few time they come back seeing horrible seen in the story.

Doraemon Comic Books in English Pdf

Doraemon nobita’s Dorabian Nights Part 1:

Shizuku comes back Nobita’s home and says her their camp will be tomorrow. After that they select story book and enter in it by wearing shoes. Jian and suneo mix up pages of different story books and enter again, Nobita and Shizuku feel that their friends mixed different pages of story books’ Shizuku wants to go back.

Suddenly she collapses with king Sinbad, And she lost her one of the shoes. Nobita’s mom calls him.he goes back.when Doraemon comes he becomes angry on Doraemon . He tells Nobita why did you use my things without my permission, and also tells one pear of shoes are missing there was four pear of shoes. Your one of friends doesn’t come.

Doraemon nobita’s Dorabian Nights Part2:

Nobita searched Shizuku was not looking anywhere Jian and suneo were present but Shizuku was not. They were so disappoint about shizaku. They all where Arabian kind cloths and reach in Arabian nights to find Shizuku. Doraemon says Arabia is a large country where shell we find out Shizuku.

Nobita says I saw Shizuku in a dream in a boat. Suddenly they hear a voice who was saying that what you people doing here at this night time. This place is not safe at night time because there were many things around them. King whistles his army come and thiefs start running . Doraemon asks what is your name, king replied my name is Khalifa Haroon al Rasheed.

Doraemon nobita’s Dorabian Nights Part 3:

They all shock oh really you are Khalifa Haroon Rasheed he said yes I am king says them you people can stay in my locality spent the night at morning king ask to them they came for what purpose here. Doraemon says we are searching our friend which we lost and they show the picture of Shizuku to the king. They sit in a boat and start searching Shizuku. Ab ul Qasim shaped this face an old man and at the middle of the sea, he threw all of them into a sea while they were sleeping, But they reach safely at the shower and they start walking in the desert.

Doraemon nobita’s Dorabian Nights Part 4:-

They all reach in sindbad’s locality which was made by gold, Sinbad shows them many things in its locality. Shizuku was running fast in the desert but fall down and Abdul caught her. Suddenly they all friends come with Sinbad and free nobita for its fetter and go back to Sinbad’s locality.

Doraemon Comic Books in English Pdf


Doraemon Comic Books in English Pdf, Summary of this article is this they all friends Doraemon nobita Shizuku Jian and suneo were enjoying to be part of storybooks seeing them by naked eyes . Suddenly their joy changes into trouble and they become tense when Shizuku don.t come back and she loses her one of the shoes. After that rest of friends go back in Arabian nights story where they face many difficulties and at least they got free nobita with the help of Sinbad king.


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